Talking Together | Conversation | 2019

During the conversation piece Talking Together every person around the table had a different note in front of them. A performer, hidden among the people, started the conversation. After reading his note out loud he looked to the left, asking his neighbor to read his note. One by one the people joined the scripted conversation by reading their notes.  The people participated in the conversation and acted out what was asked. Slowly they changed from people into participants and from participants into performers. 
Talking Together was part of the bigger installation situated in SIGN in Groningen in march 2019. During the exhibition three different conversations emerged in the installation:
A Talking Lamp and Us, Talking Together and Coding Conversations. 
This specific conversation was used to activate the table and the installation around it. It was made as an attempt to let strangers meet inside an artwork and to let them get to know my artwork really well.  
Talking Together is a conversation piece for max 12 people. A group of strangers was invited to join the conversation beforehand and started at the same moment. The conversation has only been held once.