Again Coding Conversation seems like a conversation around a table. Just, in contradiction to the other talks, this conversation wasn’t scripted with a beginning and an end, it was scripted as a loop.
Every visitor of the exhibition could take place around the table and start reading the little loop book in front. Each book has a different action to perform as a contribution to the conversation. Following the book everyone played a different role in the conversation.
After reading a loop book a visitor is free to stay inside the conversation by taking a different position around the table. Using the play, pauze and stop button visitors could plan the conversation by them selfs. 
Coding Conversations was part of the bigger installation situated in SIGN in Groningen in march 2019. During the exhibition three different conversations emerged in the installation:
A Talking Lamp and Us, Talking Together and Coding Conversations. 
This specific conversation was used to experiment with a less scripted and lineair concept. 
Coding Conversations is a conversation piece for max 10 people. Visitors of the exhibition could take place around the table and start the conversation when not alone. The conversation has only been held once.