Non Verbal

Non verbal | Site Specific Installation in Public Space | 2020

Non Verbal is a communication system which arose on both sides of the Waal in Nijmegen to create a possibility to communicate with the other side. With 200 meters of distance we needed communicative gestures, like waving your hand or letting rise a flag, to be able to make contact with the other side.

Side 1 – Waalkade

On this side passers by could communicate using flags, stones and waves.

The work was part of the program Social Aspects of Derde Wal, an artists in residence in the public space of Nijmegen. For more information about the project and my work check their site by clicking here.

Due to the Corona Measures we weren’t able to finish the programm with a festive exhibition. We developed a publication instead. 

Jam van der Aa wrote this beautiful article in dutch at Mister Motley Magazine about my work. Click on the image to read more!