De Doelloze Discussie | Side Specific Installation with Performance | 2013

De Doelloze Discussie (Clueless Conversation) is the work I presented during the graduation show of my BFA at Academie Minerva. In this installation all the objects are talking to each other, to the space, to the visitor and to me. Objects start a conversation when they have something in common: “Hey there, what a nice green dress are you wearing, how did you get that?“ Questioning differences bring up the conversation but the answer isn’t coming, there is no clue. It is about the noun instead of the verb. The artist brings a new dimension in the work of art. The artist confuses people and gives them new insights. What is the truth and are you sure about that? The installation is conversing: objects with each other, objects to the space and, when someone comes in, to the viewer.

De Doelloze Discussie
juli 2013 3 076

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